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Smart Girl Society has partnered with Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska to bring you an awesome 4-session program based on our four pillars of being a Smart Girl: Confidence, Leadership, Scholarship, Authenticity.

When you complete your first workshop you will earn the Official Smart Girl Society badge and your first rocker. Each additional workshop will earn you a new rocker to complete your badge!

Call us today to learn more and create your own four session program for your troop!

The Four Pillars of being a Smart Girl:

Confidence – A confident girl makes better choices in her lifetime.

Leadership –  Leaders are made, not born.

Scholarship –  Educate a girl and she will never be forced to compromise her values for security or want.

Authenticity – Being a smart girl is about being yourself all the time.  You are unique – embrace it!

Scouting Groups

Scouting Groups


Confidence isn’t just a state of mind, it’s how we view ourselves in the eyes of others.  It’s being proud to be who you are online and in real life.  It’s not trying to fit in as much as our try and be yourself.

In our Smart Girl Confidence workshop, we will cover:

  • Identify your Personal Brand and learn how to be true to yourself
  • Learn about Social Media and how to share safety
  • Learn the ins and outs of marketing and how companies use tricks to get you to buy, or wear, their stuff

What makes an effective leader?  If you feel like you are leading, yet turn around and no one is following you, are you really a leader?

In our Smart Girl Leadership Workshop we will learn:

  • What makes good leader
  • What does leadership and bullying have in common
  • How can you use your leadership skills for good (and not evil)

Do you ever feel embarrassed to raise your hand in class?  Would you like to learn something new, if you couldn’t fail?

In the Smart Girl Scholarship workshop we will:

  • Discover what your learning style is
  • Explore some cool careers in STEAM
  • Learn how to play chess

Being Authentic is being unapologetically awesome.

In our Smart Girl Authentic Workshop we will explore:

  • Learn to love yourself, inside and out
  • What is means to swim upstream, in today’s carbon-copy world
  • How you can use your voice to demand change