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Smart Girl Society has partnered with Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska to bring you an awesome 4-session program based on our four pillars of being a Smart Girl: Confidence, Leadership, Scholarship, Authenticity.

When you complete your first workshop you will earn the Official Smart Girl Society badge and your first rocker. Each additional workshop will earn you a new rocker to complete your badge!

Call us today to learn more and create your own four session program for your troop!

The Four Pillars of being a Smart Girl:

Confidence – A confident girl makes better choices in her lifetime.

Leadership –  Leaders are made, not born.

Scholarship –  Educate a girl and she will never be forced to compromise her values for security or want.

Authenticity – Being a smart girl is about being yourself all the time.  You are unique – embrace it!

Scouting Groups

Scouting Groups