Self-Made Porn

Snapchat is a picture messaging application

  • 12+ Age Requirement
  • Users can also video chat, direct message, and make voice calls for free
  • Allows sexting
  • “Friends” can be added from existing contacts, searched for by username, or be found through Location Services
  • Self-made pornography is made possible through the use of Snapcash
  • Pictures only last for up to 10 seconds on a user’s phone, unless screenshotted
  • Snapchat servers hold media until the recipient “opens” the message
  • If a picture that is sent goes unopened, Snapchat can and will view it
  • Snapchat has turned in unopened messages to the authorities when presented with warrants

SGS Recommendation – Not appropriate for under 15 or any minor under 18 with prior “pic” issues.

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