House Party

House Party is a live video application that allows up to Nine live video feeds at once.  Each video feed is called a “connection.”  Smart Girl Society has concerns over privacy, due to the coding of House Party allowing unknown and non-vetted connections, through other connections.  Meaning, if you allow a connection (live video feed) that person can allow someone you do not know to also view the live feed, unless you are in “Locked mode.”  Middle school students and minors under the age of 18, will have a difficult time understanding and following through will this lock down.

  • Age Requirement 18
  • Compliant with COPPA, yet has red flags
  • Allows live video feeds
  • Allows Direct messaging
  • Allows Sexting and pornography
  • Glorifies partying and drinking
  • Cannot be monitored by parents
  • Does not require verification

SGS Recommendation – Not appropriate for under 18.

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