Amie Konwinksi

Amie is the founder and CEO for Smart Girl Society.  Her life journey led her from a tumultuous childhood and teenage displacement, to joining the U.S. Navy at just 17-years-old.  Serving as a Data Processor for five years on active duty, Amie was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and on the U.S.S. Shenandoah (AD-44), docked out of Norfolk, Virginia.

After an honorable discharge from active duty, Amie joined the reserves to complete another nine years of service and became a Company Commander and highly decorated Chief Petty Officer (ITC) by the age of 29.  In the civilian world, Amie began her Computer Engineering career at Sterling Software (now Northrop Grumman), where she met her husband, Roger, and attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.  

After the birth of their second daughter, Amie traded-in her computer tools for diapers, marketing materials, volunteering, and had three more daughters in six-years (Yes, that makes five daughters).  Amie, Roger, and their three youngest live in Omaha, Nebraska. Daughter #1 graduated from NYU and continues to live in the Big Apple, while #2 is a student at her parent’s alma mater, UNO.

As an avid traveler, National Park lover, and wanderlust sufferer, Amie has adventured in 49 states and hopped the pond nine times.  In her free-time she enjoys Sudoku, reading, and napping.