Empowering Smart Choices in a Digital World

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Coping with a crisis demands courage and determination from everyone involved. Smart Girl Society provides a wide range of resources for victims and families needing support, information, or mental health referrals. When you are in an emergency situation, trying to find the right resources can be really tough. Here at Smart Girl Society, we are working toward offering up-to-date resources and phone numbers for the largest areas that teens and families are struggling with today.

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Digital Safety

Are you wondering which social media apps are right for your child? Well, you are in the right place! Check out our privacy and safety focused app ratings that evaluate the safety, privacy, and content of all relevant applications and games. Plus, learn how to set proper restrictions on your devices, and how to talk tech with your teen. Become the parent in the know by clicking the link below.

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We work with students, parents, and administrators to educate the public on how to remain safe on social media and how to avoid technological pitfalls. Our dynamic team of leaders are qualified, passionate, and motivated to make a positive difference in our community. Our programs focus on education, communication, and cooperation for humans at every stage of life. In a world of digital dependency, we aim to inform and empower communities towards digital safety, critical thinking, and meaningful conversations about current digital media trends.

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Our Mission

About us:

Welcome to the virtual world, where everything we post, tweet, snap, follow and comment on can (and will be) scrutinized within minutes and for years to come. Now, more than ever, it's time for teens, parents, and educators to get smart about technology and social media.

Founded by Amie Konwinski, mother of five daughters, U.S. Navy veteran, and computer engineer, Smart Girl Society works to protect students, parents and educators on all things digital. We want to encourage meaningful conversations about digital media trends by promoting taking action towards safety and privacy online.  Do we work with boys? Absolutely.

Our Mission:

Empowering smart choices in a digital world. 

Our Vision:

We envision a society where:

  1. Teens are empowered to be safe, authentic, and private on social media.
  2. Parents are intentionally engaged with their children and the devices and apps given to them.
  3. Educators are more equipped to manage iGen students in a constantly changing digital environment.

Our Goal:

We aim to reduce digital-based anxiety, prevent peer and predator exploitation, and ensure our communities remain safe.  Through our 100 schools campaign, we are setting out to impact 48,000 students, parents, and educators in the greater Omaha area.

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